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As the leading military academy in Malaysia, the Malaysian Armed Forces Academy (ATMA) has been producing the most sought military officials and personnel for the nation’s defence industry since its inception in the year 1995. Later in 2006, the academy was upgraded into a full-fledged university, now known as the National Defence University of Malaysia (UPNM).

Located within the larger Sungai Besi Army Camp area, as part of the university development project, a library and IT complex has been proposed to serve the strong 3,000 military student population of the campus. The library houses necessary library facilities including a reading and study area, computer labs, discussion rooms, mini auditorium and exhibition gallery. Even though occupied in a single block, the IT building has been operating independently that accommodates administrative offices with computer labs and storerooms.

The modern design and bright colours of the library and IT complex have infused the incitement elements into the otherwise mundane and utilitarian architecture of the army camp. The extensive use of glass allows abundant daylight into the interior spaces, with deep overhangs and sun shading devices further protect the building from excessive heat gain and its occupants from glare.

The sleek look of the building façade is finished with the use of steel round columns and aluminium cladding. Other interesting design features include the double-volume foyer, internal courtyard and a zigzag glazed wall of the study area facing the courtyard which provides light and view while creating nooks for more privacy.

  • Location
  • Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Type
  • Institutional
  • Size
  • Approx. 8,700 m² (93,646 ft²)
  • Features
  • An exhibition gallery with a mini IT museum