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Situated in the educational hub of Banting town, bordered with other technical institutions, Banting Polytechnic is the 24th out of 36th polytechnics in Malaysia. As the leading provider of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Malaysia, polytechnics have been expanding since its first inception in 1969.

The polytechnic campus design has to abide by the design guidelines by the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and design brief developed by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.  As with other educational institutions, the site circulation and linkages of the campus have been emphasised via multi-forms, including the external walkways, colonnades and internal corridors.

The Banting Polytechnic is to be one of only two in Malaysia to offer an aircraft maintenance course. The campus has been designed with a full-sized hangar that can accommodate a light aircraft to be used for teaching purposes. To further inculcate green design application, the hangar and other workshop buildings with vast roof areas were compatible for the implementation of a rainwater harvesting system. The collected water was further channelled to an underground tank that could be utilised for landscape irrigation and toilet flushing.

Another project milestone was the adoption of the industrialised building system (IBS) construction method in line with the government’s call for modernisation of the building industry. Extensive use of precast structural components along with simplified wall systems and modular design has enabled the development to achieve an overall IBS score of 70 points as mandated for all government projects.

  • Location
  • Banting, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Type
  • Institutional
  • Size
  • 30,000 m² (322,917 ft²)
  • Features
  • Main administrative office, academic facilities, aircraft hangar and recreational amenities