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Liu Zhou is a prefectural city in the southeast region of Guangxi Zhuang in China. Known for its riverine culture, the city prides itself of the magnificent karst landform with the crystal clear Liujiang River flowing through the city. As one of the autonomous regions of China, Liu Zhou also hosts a number of ethnic minority communities in the region.

In an effort to rejuvenate the Yufeng district, located 10 kilometres southeast of the city centre, the Liu Zhou Riverfront Metropolis was unveiled by the local government years ago. It was aimed to transform the agricultural land into a well-planned sustainable development, dedicated for continuous economic growth, as well as establishing a hub for recreational and leisure activities, urban living and modern working environment.

Drawn by the concept of the dual nodes, the ‘island’ will be connected by a series of bridges which form an inner harbour and marina in the heart of the development. The dual centralised nodes define the overall layout planning – identifying urban plazas, promenades, road system and intersecting axes from the nodes which outlined the unique vistas, canal and monuments.

Envisioned as a sustainable and lifestyle hub, the development also incorporates a mega theme park, health spa and retirement resort and hillside retreat villas, as part of the recreational and leisure component. The new business and commercial districts were also planned in the dual nodes areas where hotels, convention centres, a medical centre, canal residential and marina will be created fronting the riverside.

  • Location
  • Liu Zhou, China
  • Type
  • Master plan
  • Size
  • 206 hectares
  • Features
  • Conceptual proposal of a riverfront mixed development based on the dual nodes concept