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Lumut is a popular coastal town located in the state of Perak that is served as a gateway to the holiday enclaves of Pangkor Island. Lumut is also home to the Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) and is known for its naval shipbuilding industry.

A development plan has been proposed on an 18.99 acres plot of land located in between the Lumut town centre and the TLDM base. Stretching from Manjung River where the reclamation plot is located to the hilltop area of Bukit Engku Busu, the plan comprises four plots of different development components.

The first component, Plot A is a reclamation area on Manjung River that contains an integrated resort development. It comprises hotel blocks, serviced apartments, water villas, marina and resort facilities that include a private beach, swimming pools, active waterfront and roof garden.

Meanwhile, Plot B is a dedicated adventure park, where many exciting outdoor activity facilities are provided. Bordering to the south is where Plot C is located, which hosts the future government staff quarters block. Another development parcel, Plot D is composed of a proposed hotel and serviced apartment.

  • Location
  • Lumut, Perak, Malaysia
  • Type
  • Master Plan
  • Size
  • 18.99 acres
  • Features
  • Integrated development consists of the resort and residential development from reiver reclamation land to hilltop area