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In the UAE, the daily mosque, also known as the local mosque, is the Islamic place of worship used for daily congregational prayers. As opposed to the Jama’a or Friday Mosque, the daily mosque does not require a bigger capacity, as the number of worshippers is relatively small compared to the Friday prayers.

This is what has been outlined by the project client in the design brief, as the daily mosque will serve the local populace in the upcoming master plan development across Abu Dhabi city. Coined as the ‘Diamond of the Desert’, the modern mosque design highlights the Islamic geometrical form of balance, as the shape is reconfigured to achieve the high capacity of the front line or saff in the congregational prayers, in line with the concept of hasanat in the Islamic religion.

Ruled by this concept, the circular-square form was reconfigured in 7 controlled geometric patterns that saw the half-diamond shape layout finally carved out to emulate the high capacity front saff. The designer later imbued the essential Islamic architectural elements to furnish the mosque’s architectural components.

With its off-white concrete and marble finishes, the mosque employs a repetitive interplay of Islamic geometrical on its façade metal screenings. The screening clads most of the main prayer hall area, where the ground floor accommodates other supporting facilities, including the ablution, toilet, imam’s house and the outdoor sahan and courtyard area. The small upper floor hosts a female prayer area, which is linked via staircases and lift.

  • Location
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Type
  • Institutional
  • Size
  • 700 - 850 m² (7,535 – 9,149 ft²)
  • Features
  • A mosque used for daily congregational prayer that can accommodates 341 worshippers at one time