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Named after the former British High Commissioner in Malaya, Sir Gerald Templer, the forest reserve area of Templer Park in Rawang, Selangor, is known for its picturesque backdrop view of limestone hills, multi-tiered waterfalls, jungle streams and adventurous trails. As a nature reserve, it is also home to several unique species of birds and other faunas. Due to its proximity to the Kuala Lumpur city centre, it is a very popular campsite and destination for all nature-lovers.

Leveraging its natural charm, the proposed Templer Park Retreat Resort & Spa will further enliven the area with an array of recreational and holiday activities with its comprehensive resort facilities. Situated on Persiaran Bukit Takun 1, next to the Kanching Eco-Forest Park and Templer Heritage township area, the 28-acre resort consists of three main components, which are the resort accommodation and facilities, MICE facilities and aesthetic centre.

The luxurious resort accommodation and facilities are designed to accommodate business and leisure travellers alike. Adjacently link to the MICE building, the accommodations are available in the deluxe and premium villa types, catering to different groups of travellers. These accommodations are preceded by the central main resort complex and the clubhouse with a swimming pool.

As a purpose-built retreat and spa resort, much of the spa and wellness services are offered at the open spa and meditation pavilions, located in the green area sandwiched in between the villas and main resort complex. Meanwhile, the beauty and aesthetic services are available in a detached aesthetic centre located near the main entrance, conveniently linked to the MICE facilities and accommodation units.

  • Location
  • Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Type
  • Hotel & Resort, Masterplan
  • Size
  • 27.67 acres
  • Features
  • Conceptual proposal of 21 units of luxury villas, 129 en suite hotel rooms, MICE auditorium and aesthetic-beauty centre