Dutch Students’ Visit to NRY Architects Learnt About KL Urban Development

Dutch Students’ Visit to NRY Architects Learnt About KL Urban Development

April 28, 2023 Activities, Announcement 0

On last 28th April 2023, as part of the NRY Architects’ CSR in education cause, we had the pleasure of hosting a visit from 20 Real Estate students and two faculty members from the School of Business and Communication, Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The visit was part of their second-year studies’ International Week programme, where they visited Kuala Lumpur for a week to gain first-hand information for their research studies. The visit was also to gain some architectural inputs and points of view with regard to their studies,

The day kicked off with the arrival of the students at 9:30 am, where they were warmly greeted by the staff at NRY Architects. To start the visit on a delightful note, the group enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast featuring local delicacies, including Malay kuihs, pastries, and teh tarik.

The session began with En. Mohamad Haziq Zulkifli, the Corporate Communications Executive of NRY Architects, delivered welcoming remarks. Pn. Suzana Yazid, the Head of Design, followed by a brief introduction to NRY Architects, providing an overview of the firm’s mission and project portfolio.

The students were then treated to two engaging project presentations. Ar. Ts. Devakumar presented the LRT3 project, offering detailed insights into the design, challenges, and impact of the project. This was followed by a presentation of the TRX Core Residences project by Ar. Teresa Yu, highlighted the innovative design concepts and sustainable features incorporated into the development.

After the presentation sessions, the students embarked on a guided tour by Pn Suzana and En Haziq of NRY Architects’ office, where they had the opportunity to witness the architects’ creative workspace and gain first-hand knowledge about the firm’s operations. Throughout the visit, the students actively participated in informal conversations, engaging with the architects and posing thought-provoking questions related to the field of architecture and built environment, specifically on the urban development and sustainability issues in Kuala Lumpur.

As the clock approached 11:30 am, the visit drew to a close with a gift presentation to all the group members as a token of appreciation from NRY Architects. Mr. Bart van den Berg, the group representative, and Mr. Bart Bouwmans, the faculty member, expressed their heartfelt gratitude in a reply speech, acknowledging the warm hospitality and kind gestures extended by NRY Architects. They had also promised a return gift in a form of video clip documenting their International Week programme, including the educational visit to NRY Architects.















The visit concluded with a group photo session in the lobby of NRY Architects’ office, capturing the camaraderie and shared experiences of the day. The visit proved to be a valuable learning opportunity, leaving the students inspired and equipped with a deeper understanding of the urban development issues in Kuala Lumpur related to their respective research studies.