NRY Architects shares on BIM technology with KLCC Projeks

NRY Architects shares on BIM technology with KLCC Projeks

June 11, 2020 Activities 0


NRY ARCHITECTS, as amongst the leading BIM architecture firms in Malaysia, has been given the honour as one of the invited panel speakers for an in-house BIM training for the staff members of KLCC Projeks recently. The half-day ‘BIM Sharing Session: What BIMmer Say: Leveraging BIM Tools’ was held online through the Microsoft Team application that saw the participation of the overwhelming number of 70 attendees.

The session begins at approximately 9.30 am and was officiated by Mdm Zaidatul Ahmad Zubel from the BIM Core Group Head of Division, BTS, KLCC Projeks. The webinar was then resumed by two paper presentations from Sunway Construction on the topics of 3D Modelling & Coordination and 4D Digitalisation Planning in Construction.


Ar. Alis delivers her opening remarks on behalf of NRY Architects.

The presentation session by Mr Hazim begins.

During the presentation session by NRY Architects.

Mr Hazim talks about the Common Data Environment (CDE).

While around 11.30 am, the third paper entitled ‘Common Data Environment (CDE)’ was prepared and presented by the BIM Coordinator of NRY Architects, Mr Muhammad Hazim Azami. Before he begins, Ar. Alis Marlinna, the Chief Operating Officer of NRY Architects, has given her brief speech on NRY Architects’ BIM adaptation and experience, and future plan ahead. In his talk, Mr Hazim shares on the CDE aspect of BIM, on how the Autodesk BIM 360 can be leveraged as a multifunctional and handy tool for BIM-related documentation and project management. On the topic of BIM Document Management, it was thoroughly explained by Mr Mohamad Yusuf Aliaas, another BIM coordinator cum project architect. Later on, Mr Hazim also shared the illustrated images of the upcoming BIM Cube Room, the state-of-the-art BIM facility room currently developed by NRY Architects at their HQ in Kuala Lumpur.


An interface view of BIM application.

The proposed design of BIM Cube Room by NRY Architects.

Suggested BIM tools in every design and construction stage.

KLCC Projeks team members.

The session adjourned with a Q&A session and followed by closing remarks by Mdm Zaidatul Ahmad Zubel from KLCC Projeks. The webinar has given better insights on BIM application from the perspectives of contractor and consultant, with a hands-on approach that has helped to gauge a better understanding among the participants.

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