NRY CREWS’ Lumut and Pangkor Leisure Backpacking Trip

NRY CREWS’ Lumut and Pangkor Leisure Backpacking Trip

September 25, 2022 Activities, Announcement 0

A Special Backpacking Trip Travelogue

“As with any journey, whom you travel with is more important than the destination” – This is probably the best way to describe the success of the NRY CREWS Lumut and Pangkor Leisure Backpacking Trip. It was the first major outdoor trip after 2 years due to the pandemic. The trip was indeed the first-ever backpacking trip organised by the organising exco of NRY CREWS for fellow staff of NRY Architects, a.k.a. the NRY CREWS members.

Held from the 23rd to 25th of September 2022, the 3 days 2 nights trip was participated by 37 NRY CREWS members, some of them were also joined by their family members of about 16 people. Half of the participants were riding by a chartered tour bus, while the rest were driving cars themselves. The trip begins at 11 am as the 1 and half-hour early working hour dismissal was earlier replaced by the additional 30 minutes of working hours for 3 days before the event day.

Destination 1: Sekinchan/Tanjong Karang

The trip route was earlier shared with the participants through a briefing session held at the office two weeks before the event day. As the name indicates, the trip was leisure and backpacking in nature, hence a trip route was not merely about the destination but the journey along the way to the selected destinations. Departed from NRY office in Kuala Lumpur, the trip was headed north, taking the northern route via North-South Highway and LATAR Highway before reaching the town of Kuala Selangor and, finally, a lunch stopover at a restaurant in the middle of a rice field in Tanjong Karang for the car driving team. As the road was inaccessible by bus, the bus people had to stop at a restaurant by the seaview in Sekinchan. Everyone was taking this chance to pose their freestyle poses for photo ops in the rice fields or at the seafront.

Destination 2: Teluk Intan

After everyone was filled up with delicious lunch meals, the trip ensues via Jalan Kuala Selangor – Teluk Intan heading up north, reaching the border of Perak state, as the next stopover was the iconic architectural landmark of the Teluk Intan town, the Leaning Tower. At around 3.00 pm, the bus team arrived at Leaning Tower Square, waiting for the car team. Some took the chance exploring the edifice to kill time, while others quenched their thirst by having the cool ABC at a nearby food court.

By 4.00 pm, as most participants had arrived, a group photo session was captured in front of the tower with a specially made banner posed together. As soon as it finished, Faradila was so pumped up to briefly share about the tower’s architectural features and historical background with the group members. The latecomers by cars also didn’t want to miss tasting the cool ice-shaving dessert of ABC.

Destination 3: Lumut & Teluk Muroh/Teluk Batik

At around 6.00 pm, most participants had arrived and they check-in at the first hotel in Lumut, The Orient Star Resort, a cosy hotel located nearby Lumut town. After a short rest in their rooms, everyone headed out to the dinner place at Teluk Muroh to enjoy the grilled fish feast by the seaside while enjoying the sunset. The group bus was going for a short detour to Teluk Batik beach for group photo ops and basking in the sunset view.

After the delectable feast at Teluk Muroh, as the night was ‘still young’, everyone was hardly bid the night, despite the rainy day. As the hotel was located in the Lumut waterfront area, they took the chance to stroll along the scenic promenade that was lively with many hustles and bustles of activities. Some were hanging out in the open-air mamak restaurant, while some were Instagramming at a trendy cafeteria outlet.

Destination 4: Pangkor Island

After having the buffet breakfast and checking out their rooms, everyone was thrilled to get on board the ferry to the island. As the jetty was located within walking distance, most participants were just walking as the car goers parked their cars in the nearby public parking area. At around 10 am, the ferry departed from the Lumut jetty and headed towards the main island jetty. By 11 am, the participants disembarked at the jetty, and shortly later, a number of van taxis picked them up to go to the accommodation hotel, the Puteri Bayu Beach Resort in Pasir Bogak beach. Some people opted for motorbikes instead of van taxis, as they chose to enjoy the sea breeze and exploring around the island easily.

After dispatching their bags, the participants went to Teluk Nipah to have their lunch of the day, enjoying the mouthwatering island feasts while facing the tranquil sea view of Teluk Nipah beach. Soon after lunch, the group went to their first visit stop, the Hai Seng Hin Satay Fish Factory in Sungai Pinang Kecil. After a shopping frenzy, some groups went to the famous Fu Lin Kong Temple and also Al-Khairiah Chinese Mosque to witness their exquisite Chinese architecture. Later on, all groups went to the afternoon checkpoint at Al Badr Floating Mosque in Teluk Gedung, in the southern part of the island. This is where the participants stopped for a short prayer break before taking a group photo opportunity at the mosque.

The highlight of the day was the hiking and sunbathing at Pangkor’s best-kept secret beach, Teluk Segadas Beach. Located in the South Pangkor Forest Reserve, the crystal green-bluish water beach can only be accessed via hiking from the nearest village. The participants were very enthusiastic about this little adventurous activity of hiking across the jungle trail for about 30 minutes before approaching the white sandy beach. The participants spent the hot sunny afternoon dipping their bodies in the green-bluish water until around late afternoon. The picnic ended with everyone taking the trail once again before departing using the van taxis to the hotel.

The second night of the trip was filled with the lively Saturday night activity in Pangkor’s most happening area, the Teluk Nipah beach. As there were plentiful eateries available, everyone was spoilt for choices for dinner options. After the dinner feast, some grabs the chance to watch the Saturday night highlight, the live fire show on the sandy beach. The show had awed the crowds there, as the fire was thrown about like a javelin in the air, without any room for fatal errors! Truly remarkable!

Last day in Pangkor Island

The last day of the trip on Sunday was a free and easy time for everyone. After enjoying the savoury breakfast, everyone was charged with various activities to be done and explored on the island. Some went for a last-day shopping spree on this duty-free island, while some went for island hopping and exploring. By around 11 am, the participants had arrived at the main island jetty to board the ferry back to the mainland. Upon arriving at Lumut jetty, everyone was slowly heading back home either by bus or driving their cars.

The trip had given the much-needed respite for the NRY CREWS members, as it was considered a major trip of the company after the pandemic hiatus. The 400 km return journey was not deemed tiring, as everyone was happily enjoying their weekend filled with so many memorable and exhilarating activities throughout the trip. Many NRY CREWS members have hoped that the trip would not be the last time, but to be an annual or more frequent affair as an avenue to foster good camaraderie and bonding amongst the NRY CREWS members / staff of NRY Architects.