NRY Hari Raya Celebration 2023

NRY Hari Raya Celebration 2023

May 19, 2023 Activities, Announcement 0

Like any yearly tradition, a grand celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri of NRY Architects is the annual affair that has been awaited by every staff member of NRY Architects. Organised under the purview and planning by the sports club of NRY Architects, the NRY CREWS, the event marks the second activity of the year for NRY CREWS. For the first time ever, the celebration was held outside of the NRY Architect office premises at Menara Teo Chew. A chic colonial bungalow turned into an exclusive eatery tucked in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, the Banglo 289 in Jalan Raja Chulan was selected as the event venue.

With the oldie theme of Orang Dulu-Dulu, everyone was truly embraced by the spirit of 50’s to the 70’s era when they were donning their best dresses and accessories for the event. Upon reaching the restaurant, everyone had the photo opportunity at the vintage-style photo booth, before proceeding to the dining table for the lunch session.

Plenty of mouthwatering classic Hari Raya menus and Malay traditional dishes were served that had met everyone’s palate. The celebratory atmosphere was enlivened by Hari Raya songs in the background, on top of the creative and unique outfits by everyone. Filled with chats and laughter, the lunch session was more than just a Hari Raya gathering, as some people took the chance to explore the cool restaurant compound.

Before the event ends with a group photo session, the event organiser representative, Faradila asked everyone to cast their vote for the Best Dress contest for the male and female category. To usher the festive mood and also to cheer up the event, the organiser has introduced three interesting contests. On top of the Best Dress contest, The Best Photography and Best Videography contests were also held to capture the festive mood in still and moving images creatively. These creative pictures and videos can be viewed on our TikTok page:

By around 4.00 pm, after the group photo session, most staff has slowly dispersed, with some were still took the last sip or bite of the delectable feasts. Around two weeks later, the winners and runner-ups of these contests were announced and the cash prizes of RM 100 and RM 50 were presented to: