Online Crit Session of UIAM Architecture Students

Online Crit Session of UIAM Architecture Students

May 10, 2021 Activities 0

NRY Architects is once again was invited by the Architecture Department of the International Islamic University Malaysia (UIAM) to participate in their online crit session. The Head of BIM of NRY Architects, Mr Muhammad Hazim has voluntarily agreed to engage in this online exercise once again representing NRY Architects. Due to the current SOP in place, all crit sessions of UIAM students are held virtually.

List of crit panellists, including Mr Hazim can be seen in the screenshot image.

The crit session was held on last 10th May 2021 (Monday) for the third year or final year students of BSc. (Architectural Studies), who were in their second or final semester, deemed as their vital study period before graduating with a degree equivalent to the LAM Part 1 certification. The session also involved around 63 students in 11 different concurrent sessions. Mr Hazim was joined in together with 22 other panelists of both the lecturers and practitioners alike, to give practical inputs and valuable insights to the fellow students.

One of the students presenting their design strategies.

The students had presented their designs of a medium scale multi-functional medium-rise space known as the Sejahtera Community Centre, with the proposed sites are located in the vicinity areas of Gombak and Setapak. The design proposals were positioned as the new commercial and social hub for the local community meeting the current needs, in tandem with the pandemic era of COVID-19 right now. This second crit session makes up about 15% of their final grade, which is part of the continuous assessment system of UIAM architecture students.

A screenshot view of the student’s design proposal.

With that, we wish all the best to all students and may their studies are going well and graduated with full colour!