Online Sharing Sessions with UCSI University Students

Online Sharing Sessions with UCSI University Students

October 16, 2020 Activities 0

NRY Architects was approached by a group of students of Diploma in Architectural Studies from UCSI University, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, related to their group assignment works on the Professional Practice course. As part of our university-students’ engagement strategy, their assignment works were assisted by our architect, Ar. Nur Lailati who have shared her inputs and relevant experience in the architectural practice.

Throughout the online meeting, multiple questions were raised by the students that encompassed topics related to the company background and values, company operations, project portfolio and construction stages/matters.

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It is hoped that with the online sharing sessions, the students have gained additional knowledge and answers to their assignment works. NRY Architects believes in sharing the knowledge and experience with our future architects, to better equip themselves in the challenging and fast-paced changing of the construction industry in Malaysia.

Prepared by the Corporate Communication Department, NRY Architects.