Talk on BIM Application in Architectural Practice

Talk on BIM Application in Architectural Practice

October 8, 2021 Activities, Announcement 0

The application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the architecture and construction industry has been widely used and rigorously applied in the industry. The use of BIM has efficiently helped the industry personnel in managing and delivering the project while improving productivity and project outcomes.

The wide application of BIM in the industry has piqued the interests of many, including academicians and students. This is shown in many studies and researches done in the academic world, through the publications of many journals and discourses held every now and then. BIM has also become part of the curriculum in many architecture schools and amongst them is the International Islamic Uni Msia (UIAM), through the KAED Architecture Department.

As such, to impart input from the professionals, our Head of BIM Department, Mr Muhammad Hazim Azami has shared some insights on the BIM Application in Architecture through an online sharing session last Thursday, 7th October 2021. Throughout the 2-hour session, around 18 students of MArch (Part 2) group were involved, together with a lecturer, Mdm Zuraini Denan, where Mr Hazim shed on BIM in architectural practice, on the introduction and background of BIM, as well as its processes and workflow.


The session concluded with question exchanges during a Q&A session related to BIM practices. This online session has given valuable inputs for the students on the standard BIM practices in the industry, on how it can be studied and implemented in their career life later on.