The First Design Discourse Session: KOS Airport Design

The First Design Discourse Session: KOS Airport Design

July 15, 2022 Activities, Announcement 0

The inaugural session of Design Discourse was held on 15th July 2022 at Conference Room 1, which saw a whopping number of our architects participate in the half-day session. The session was initiated and led by the Head of Design, Ms. Suzana Yazid, as she shared the design process, architectural features, and other design facets of the Sihanoukville Airport project in Cambodia, or commonly known as KOS Airport.

The session attracted almost all architects in our office as they were in and around, listening to the sharing session while enjoying the light refreshments provided. The session was also complimented with a series of printed posters pasted on the walls that feature the airport design and the design proposal for the mosque project in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

During the session, many questions were raised, like a lively design discourse session, as its name depicts, inculcating a healthy design intellectual culture among the architects and designers of NRY Architects. The session was concluded with a session on the BIM aspect of the project by the Head of BIM, Ts. Hazim Azami, shared his insights and experience with regard to the project. A live demo of VR headset and application was also showcased during the session.

A series of upcoming Design Discourses will be organised from time to time, as the project team members will share their experiences and journey involved in each selected project. This is also aimed to impart the design & construction discourse culture among the staff members of NRY Architects through this session and Cons-Info Sessions.